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    Nursery Makeover Marilyn Denis

    Nursery Makeover Reveal: Marilyn Denis Show

      The other day we told you that we had been invited by the Marilyn Denis Show to help KasiaW Designs with a nursery makeover for an expecting couple. At the time we weren’t allowed to reveal the final, fully…

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    Theiner Painting Marilyn Denis

    Coming to a television near you

      Last week we had a lot of fun shooting an upcoming segment for the Marilyn Denis show! We were asked to paint a nursery in a home here in Etobicoke for a couple who are soon to be new parents….

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    Theiner Painting Toronto

    Why hire a professional painter, anyway?

      “Oh, I can fix that myself,” you say as the paint peels off the garage door. “I’ll just pick up some brushes, rollers, trays, tray liners, paint cleaner, primer, and of course, paint. Maybe I’ll have to buy a…

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    Match your paint colour to your countertops

    5 tips for choosing a paint colour that matches

    Floors, backsplash, countertops: The right paint will tie them together It’s tempting to think of the walls as ‘setting the tone’, colour-wise, for the rest of the room. But in most cases – especially in kitchens and bathrooms – there’s…

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    Theiner Painting Etobicoke

    When choosing a paint colour, light matters

    It happens all the time: You buy a shirt or dress, thinking that it’s black-and-white striped, only to come home and realize that it’s actually blue-and-white striped. Why does this happen? It’s called metamerism, and it has to do with…

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    Theiner Painting does fantastic wallpapering

    How to make a small room seem bigger

      More and more people are finding that ‘affordable home’ means ‘smaller home’. But just because your home’s square footage is on the minimal side, doesn’t mean it has to look small – there are lots of ways to make…

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    How painting your home will make you money

    The ROI of painting your home – before you move

      So you’ve decided to move. Great – it’s time to paint your house! I know it seems counter-intuitive to start making improvements on a house you’re hoping to leave in the near future, but the truth is that a…

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    Colour trends for 2016

    Softly, softly: Colours of the year for 2016

    Pantone and paint brands go pale for 2016 Each fall, Pantone – long considered the world’s ‘colour authority’, if there is one – releases its ‘colour of the year’. After several years of focusing on vibrant, rich tones, they’ve gone in a totally…

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