The Perfect Dark Hues For Your Home’s Exterior

When updating your home’s curb appeal, a fresh coat of paint is an essential part of the job. While there are a million white and bright options to choose from, don’t forget about the other end of the spectrum; the dark side.

If you’re looking for a darker hue, but leaning more towards a softer option rather than a true black, look no further than Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. It resides in the black colour family with an LRV of 6 but it is definitely on the light, warmer side. When you want to add a more dramatic aesthetic to the exterior of your home without going too dark, Iron Ore is the perfect option.

It pairs beautifully with lighter hues such as Extra White or Pure White, but can also look stunning standing on it’s own. This Muskoka lake front cottage was completely transformed by making Iron Ore the focal point of its exterior. While still fitting in with its surroundings, this 20-year old cottage now looks brand new with a much more modern aesthetic .

Undertones can found in almost every paint colour and it’s nearly impossible to find a dark hue that doesn’t have an undertone coming through like purple or green. But Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is the exception to this rule.

Tricorn Black is the perfect black hue for your home. Whether it’s an accent colour on your front door or the exterior of your home in its totality, adding Tricorn Black to your colour pallet is a must.


It is the most consistent black paint colour on the market, one that does not alter in different lighting, making it an ideal option for your home’s exterior. Throughout the seasons, Tricorn Black will always look like Tricorn Black.


Iron Ore and Tricorn Black are two of the best dark hues you can choose from, but you don’t need to choose between them. These two colours could not pair more perfectly with each other.