Limited Marketing Budget? Why Not Try Paint, Instead?

Commercial painting can make a big difference

The better your storefront looks, the more likely people are to open the door

We all know it happens: When business is slow, or uncertain, the first thing to go is the marketing budget – when in fact getting more customers is crucial to improving the business.

But maybe you don’t need to spend a whole lot on marketing. Maybe what you really need is a more attractive storefront.

Consider this: More than 60% of customers who shop on main streets or even in strip malls report that a store’s exterior can make a tangible difference in whether they choose to enter (or not enter) a given store. A further 36% report that when they’re driving and spot businesses with creatively painted exteriors, it makes them more likely to remember the name and location of the business – and that’s the kind of thing that drives long-term sales.

Sure, more people are shopping online these days – but if they’ve noticed your bright blue storefront (or stripey-painted warehouse) a couple of times when they’ve driven past it on other errands, they’re more likely to have the sense of familiarity with your brand that will make them more likely to make that first purchase from you.  And of course, once they’ve made that first purchase, your terrific product and customer service will keep them coming back – right?