Why Hire a Professional Painter, Anyway?


“Oh, I can fix that myself,” you say as the paint peels off the garage door. “I’ll just pick up some brushes, rollers, trays, tray liners, paint cleaner, primer, and of course, paint. Maybe I’ll have to buy a ladder or scaffold and drop sheets, too. And I can’t forget the tape, so I don’t get paint where I don’t what it to go.”

For an “I can do it myself” statement, that’s a pretty long to do list, not to mention growing budget. And you haven’t even gotten to the painting part yet.

There are a number of reasons to hire a professional painter. Painting involves a lot more skill than most people realize to achieve a quality result, and not everyone can do-it-yourself. When faced with a paint project, the first thing to ask yourself is whether you have the required time for the job. Hiring a professional gets the work done so you don’t have to sacrifice an entire weekend at the cottage or the job never gets done because you can’t squeeze in the hours.

Another factor to consider is muscle pains. It’s surprising how much of a workout is involved with painting. Avoid the back pains, sore muscles, and strained necks. Professional painters are used to their work.

Professional painters have all the right tools. It may be more sensible not to buy a bunch of supplies and paint just to have them lie around the house for years. Because painters use the right equipment, they achieve a superior finish that’s impossible to achieve with rollers and brushes.

They also have the drop sheets and plastic to protect your furnishings as well as ladders and scaffolds to get into all those high, tight spaces.
A professional painter stands behind his/her work. Many companies offer warranties for the jobs they execute.

Finally, you should hire a professional painter because s/he’s an expert. Experience, professional training, knowledge, and craftsmanship all play a part in knowing what product, technique, and preparation is required to achieve the quality results you want. And they can make recommendations to help you clearly figure out your vision and then make it happen.

So save yourself some time, money, and energy. Hire the professional painter today so you can enjoy the finished project tomorrow.